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1) Which of the following is not an orthosilicate? 

a) Phenacite 

b) olivine 

c) Olivine 

d) Beryl 

2) Thortvetite, Sc2Si2O7 is: 

a) a pyrosilicate 

b) an orthosilicate 

c) a sheet silicate 

d) an amphibole 

3) The general formula of silicate ion present cyclic silicates is: 

a) SiO44- 

b) Si2O52- 

c) Si2O76- 

d) (SiO3)n2n- 

4) Which statement about silicates is NOT correct? 

a) Silicon is 4 - coordinated to oxygen atoms. 

b) Asbestos is an amphibole silicate. 

c) Talc and mica are examples of silicates with chain structures. 

d) Zeolites are aluminosilicates. 

e) Some silicates contain discrete molecular ions. 

Hint: Talc and mica are sheet or phyllo silicates. 

5) Layered silicate structures in clays consists the following group. 

a) SiO44- 

b) Si2O52- 

c) Si2O76- 

d) (SiO3)n2n- 

6) Amphibole silicate minerals consist of 

a) single silicon tetrahedra 

b) chains of silica tetrahedra 

c) double chains of silica tetrahedra 

d) sheets of silica tetrahedra 

7) Which of the following is correct about the ion exchange on aluminosilicates? 

a) Na+ is sorbed more strongly than K+ 

b) Ca2+ is sorbed less strongly than Na+ 

c) NO3- is sorbed more strongly than Na+ 

d) Al3+ is sorbed more strongly than Mg2+ 

Explanation: Greater the charge density greater is the sorption. And you know charge density is inversely related to the radius. Greater the charge and smaller the radius, higher is the charge density. 

8) Beryl, Be3Al2(SiO3)6 is: 

a) an orthosilicate 

b) a pyrosilicate 

c) a cyclic silicate 

d) None 

Note: Emerald and aquamarine are the gem forms of beryl. 

9) Which of the following statement is/are correct for amphibole silicates? 

a) The empirical formula is [(SiO3)2-]

b) There are two types of tetrahedra: those sharing 3 vertices & those sharing 2.

c) There are only one type of tetrahedra. 

d) The empirical formula is [(Si4O11)6-]n 

10) The formula of the pyrosilicate ion is: 

a) SiO44- 

b) Si3O92- 

c) Si2O76- 

d) Si6O1812- 

11) The ratio of ‘Si’ to ‘O’ in phyllosilicates is: 

a) 2 : 4 

b) 1 : 4 

c) 2 : 5 

d) 1 : 5 

12) (SiO3)n2n- may be the empirical formula of: 

a) Cyclic silicates 

b) Pyro silicates 

c) Chain silicates 

d) both a & c 

13) The empirical formula of double chain silicates is: 

a) SiO44- 

b) Si3O92- 

c) Si2O76- 

d) (Si4O11)n6n- 

14) The silicates in which the three oxygens atoms at the vertices of tetrahedra are shared are: 

a) Amphiboles 

b) pyroxenes 

c) phyllo silicates 

d) pyrosilicates 

15) Which of the following statement is NOT true? 

a) Clay is an alumino silicate with sheet structure. 

b) In three dimensional aluminosilicates, the SiO44- is replaced by AlO45- units. 

c) In tecto silicates, all the oxygen atoms in SiO4 tetrahedra are shared. 

d) Quartz is a phyllosilicate. 

16) Which of the following mineral of lithium has pyroxene type silicate structure? 

a) Lepidolite 

b) Spodumene 

c) Petalite 

d) None 

Note: Petalite, LiAlSi4O10 is a tecto silicate. 

17) The formula of cyclic silicate in which 6 tetrahedra are arranged cyclically is: 

a) Si6O1812- 

b) Si6O186- 

c) Si6O62- 

d) Si6O186- 

18) In which of the following silicates, there are two types of SiO4 tetrahedra: those sharing 3 vertices & those sharing 2. 

a) Pyroxenes 

b) Phyllo silicates 

c) Amphiboles 

d) Tecto silicates 

19) The number of oxygen atoms involved in sharing in [Si3O9]6- ion is: 

a) 2

b) 3

c) 6

d) 4 

20) Among feldspar, muscovite mica and zeolite,

a) all are three dimensional silicates

b) feldspar and zeolite are three dimensional, while muscovite mica is layered

c) feldspar is three dimensional, while zeolite and muscovite mica are layered

d) all are layered silicates 

21) The overall charge present on the cyclic silicate anion [Si6O18]n- is:

a) 24

b) 12

c) 18

d) 6

22) The value of n in the molecular formula BenAl2Si6O18 is:

a) 3

b) 4

c) 6

d) 8

23) In normal silicates, each silicon atom is surrounded by

a) five oxygen atoms in a trigonal bipyramidal geometry

b) four oxygen atoms in a square planar geometry

c) four oxygen atoms in tetrahedral geometry

d) six oxygen atoms in octahedral geometry

24) BaTi[Si3O9] is a class of:

a) orthosilicate

b) cyclic silicate

c) chain silicate

d) sheet silicate

25) Which of the following silicates have 3D structure? 






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Author: Aditya vardhan Vutturi